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"This vocal dynamo has a tremendous future and lays down a new release with massive cross over potential should some of the more traditional formats decide to make their play lists slightly more progressive than the commercially accepted norm that audiences are often force fed on a daily basis." - 4 Stars


"Performers from many genres employ djembe drums and use the African dialects in their songs. While these qualities might make listeners play closer attention to Offiong Bassey, neither factor explains the project’s unique sound. Bassey’s lyrical and topical choices are the two things that give listeners insight into the fresh way in which this singer views the world, her relationship with humanity and with the Almighty. On Offiong Bassey the artist goes a step further, employing not only unusual arrangements but also metaphorical creativity in the topics and situations addressed." Howard Dukes,


"Throughout the album she shows her style and skills in tracks that could easily find itself alongside the works of Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Erykah Badu, even a bit of hip-hop flavor in “Weatherman” that would sound nice within a Arrested Development context." This is Book's Music


"The album [Offiong Bassey] is truly a reflection of how versatile and unique Ms Bassey’s musical style is. She fuses traditional African beats with Western melodies effortlessly and makes them sound current." Akatasia Online


"Music is considered the universal language. However, Offiong Bassey has taken this idiom to another level with her self-titled debut album, the total body experience, which speaks to all aspects of the self; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually … Highly Recommended." Lyndah Malloy-Glover, ABYSSJazz


"Bassey blows the doors open like a force of nature on a roll...[she] takes African music, stirs in a while lot of other stuff and techniques, and takes the whole thing to a whole different level of the game.  While being respectful of Makeba and Ladysmith, she’s also strong willed enough to add a strong link to the chain.  Must hearing for open world beat ears." Chris Spector, Midwest Record


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